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The City of Greenville, North Carolina Police Department is seeking qualified and motivated applicants for the position of Police Officer and Police Officer Trainee. Candidates must undergo an extensive hiring process to include: a physical fitness test; oral interview; a stringent background investigation; polygraph testing; psychological evaluation; and drug screen.

About US

The Greenville Police Department is a nationally accredited law enforcement agency that strives to provide a high quality of law enforcement services through a departmental philosophy of community-oriented policing. The agency is comprised of more than 200 sworn officers and 53 non-sworn employees and serves a population of approximately 93,137 people within a 36-mile area in eastern North Carolina. Greenville is the home of East Carolina University which has a student population of some 27,000 students. The population of Greenville is diverse in terms of its socio-economic, cultural, and educational markup.



1. Fitness Test

You will report to Pitt Community College for a physical fitness test (POPAT).

2. Interview

You will be interviewed by a panel of officers and complete a role-playing exercise.

3. Application

Complete an application online at

4. Conditional Offer of Employment

Congrats! If you receive a conditional offer of employment you are halfway there. However, there are still additional steps before you can officially become a police officer.

5. State-Mandated Paperwork (F3)

You will be provided with additional supplemental questions to complete and return.

6. Background Investigation

During the background investigation, you will be assigned to a background investigator who will be responsible for conducting a criminal history check. They will also contact references and past employers.

7. Computerized Voice Stress Analysis

You will complete a polygraph with a CVSA examiner.

8. Psychological Exam

You will complete an online psychological assessment and be interviewed by a psychologist.

9. Human Performance Lab

You will report to East Carolina University’s Human Performance lab to complete a physical examination.

10. Drug Screen

A drug test is required in order to be eligible for hire.

11. Final Offer

Welcome to GPD! You will now begin as a police recruit in our training academy.

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  • Starting salary of $48,672 and $51,105 upon certification and after a six month probationary period
  • We offer up to $2,545 per year in tuition assistance
  • Low Cost Major Medical
  • Affordable Dental & Vision
  • Employer Provided Pension and 401K
  • Courtesy Officer Contracts
  • Take Home Vehicle
  • New Equipment

Minimum Requirements

Police BLET Cadet

  • Age: 20.5 years of age
  • Education: High School Diploma or G.E.D.

Police Officer

  • Age: 21 years of age
  • Education: High School Diploma or G.E.D.