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Traffic Safety Unit Job Description

The Greenville Police Department Traffic Safety Unit leads the department’s efforts in traffic crash reduction and traffic law enforcement. The unit focuses on traffic crash reduction through traffic law enforcement and education. Officers assigned to the unit receive advanced training in traffic crash investigation and reconstruction. Officers use a data-driven approach to identify areas where crashes are occurring and take necessary enforcement actions to reduce them. A variety of resources are used to accomplish this including marked and unmarked police vehicles, police motorcycles, message boards, and speed trailers. The Traffic Safety Unit partners with other local law enforcement agencies and organizations to improve traffic safety throughout our community. The Traffic Safety Unit is an active participant in the North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program, Watch for Me NC, and the Greenville Traffic Safety Task Force.


  • Conducts patrols in assigned areas focusing on traffic violations
  • Investigates serious/fatal vehicle crashes
  • Operates speed measuring equipment (Radar/Lidar)
  • Prepares and submits citations, reports, and other documents
  • Makes presentations to community groups regarding traffic safety
  • Participates in Departmental and Multi-Jurisdictional Meetings about traffic safety

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