Gang Unit

Where there is crime,
there is justice.

Gang Unit Job Description

The Gang Unit investigates gang-related crimes committed by members of criminal street gangs as defined by the state’s definition and federal code. They have the added responsibility of maintaining a working relationship with schools, social services agencies, community-based organizations, and other criminal justice organizations in a systematic approach to the prevention, intervention, and suppression of criminal gang activity.


  • Monitor gang members and their activities
  • Investigate gang-related crimes and apprehend perpetrators
  • Work with state, local and federal law enforcement organizations to dismantle gangs
  • Seize weapons and narcotics from gangs
  • Assist with school related gang cases
  • Maintain a liaison with school officials and school security personnel
  • Provide student gang awareness presentations
  • Assist other investigative units with crimes assigned to them that involve gang members
  • Assist outside agencies with gang related criminal investigations.
  • Providing court testimony as a gang expert for other units in our department as well as outside agencies
  • Assist with training and gang awareness presentations
  • Maintain current data on criminal gang activity ​
  • Maintain current data on criminal gang activity ​

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