K-9 Unit

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K-9 Unit Job Description

The GPD K9 Unit is comprised of seven Police K9 teams. Each dog’s capabilities include: Scent recognition and detection, handler protection, human tracking, evidence detection, building searches, area searches, and suspect apprehension. Our K9’s are regularly utilized in a variety of ways, from tracking and locating a robbery suspect immediately after a crime, to conducting school presentations for young children. Additionally our K9’s are adept at locating hidden contraband in all environments or even helping to locate a lost child or missing person. GPD K9 Handlers are required to maintain a high level of physical fitness and train regularly to be able to perform with their K9 partners in austere conditions. Each team is certified through the North Carolina Police Dog Association in their respective skill set and act as a force multiplier for the Greenville Police Department.


  • Responsible for training, care, and handling of canine; cleans and maintains kennel; maintains pertinent reports and training records
  • Serves as a support unit to assist other law enforcement officers when a canine is requested or required
  • Arrests violators of the North Carolina Controlled Substances Act, vice laws, ABC laws, and other related state, federal, and local laws
  • Patrols on foot in high crime areas
  • Conducts searches and patrols using specialized police canine, including searches for dangerous items such as explosives, drugs, evidence, weapons, and people
  • Utilizes police canine to apprehend wanted and missing people, including dangerous suspects


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