Major Crimes Unit

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Major Crimes Unit Job Description

The Major Crimes Unit is responsible for investigating murders, serious assaults, robberies, death investigations, suicides, and threats of mass violence. Major Crimes Unit detectives are also responsible for reviewing certain cold cases for new evidence and potential for reactivation.


  • Collaborating with other law enforcement agencies and officials, as well as the District Attorney’s Office
  • Serving felony warrants and arresting suspects
  • Preparing and executing search warrants
  • Interviewing witnesses and victims and taking their statements
  • Attending autopsies
  • Interviewing suspects
  • Preparing court papers, including subpoenas and summons
  • Serving as a courtroom expert
  • Investigating the scene of a crime
  • Perform background research of suspects, including their criminal past
  • Locating relevant information and investigating suspicious activity
  • Keeping detailed records and writing reports associated with the criminal investigation

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