If you are ready to accept the challenge of serving as a Police Officer for the City of Greenville, follow the steps below! The career of a Law Enforcement Officer is long and diverse. It begins with Basic Law Enforcement Training, but there’s no end to where it can take you! We at GPD want the best: We will thoroughly evaluate each candidate who applies. Prepare yourself for the mental and physical rigors you will encounter as a GPD Officer.

1. Application

Complete an application online at

2. Fitness Test

You will report to Pitt Community College for a physical fitness test (POPAT).

3. Interview

You will be interviewed by a panel of officers and complete a role-playing exercise.

4. Conditional Offer of Employment

Congrats! If you receive a conditional offer of employment you are halfway there. However, there are still additional steps before you can officially become a police officer.

5. F3 Paperwork

You will be provided with additional supplemental questions to complete and return.

6. Criminal Background Check

Be prepared for GPD to run a full criminal background check.

7. Polygraph

You will complete a polygraph interview with a certified polygraph examiner.

8. Background Investigation

If you pass the polygraph, a background investigator will call your references and former employers.

9. Psychological Exam

You will complete an online psychological assessment and be interviewed by a psychologist.

10. Human Performance Lab

You will report to East Carolina University’s Human Performance lab to complete a physical examination.

11. Drug Screen

A drug test is required in order to be eligible for hire.

12. Final Offer

Welcome to GPD! You will now begin as a police recruit in our training academy.


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