Crisis Negotiations Team

of the Peace.

Crisis Negotiations Team Job Description

The Greenville Police Department’s Crisis Negotiations Team is comprised of a group of trained negotiators that respond to high risk situations and critical incidents. Members of the team are deployed for hostage situations, armed barricaded suspects, and other high stress critical incidents. The Crisis Negotiations Team is responsible for establishing an open dialogue of communication with suspects to negotiate the release of hostage(s), gain tactical information for the Emergency Response Team, and work toward the peaceful surrender of suspects.


  • Assess the major actors within a crisis situation in order to determine propensity for violence and willingness to dialogue
  • Discretely enter crisis zones and initiate dialogue with criminals
  • Endure extended periods of dialogue and crisis management
  • Maintain operational knowledge of a wide variety of crisis incidents
  • Provide credible psychological assessments to tactical personnel and advise on response strategies

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