Center City Unit

At the Heart
of the City.

Center City Unit Job Description

The Center City Unit is a specialized unit that strives to enhance public safety in the heart of the city and surrounding neighborhoods by building partnerships with area stakeholders. This is achieved through crime prevention/education, specialized enforcement, and improvement of quality of life issues.


  • Meet with stakeholders in the Uptown district to address their concerns, build and maintain positive working relationships.
  • Primarily responsible for police related issues in the Uptown District and the adjacent University neighborhood area.
  • Work the majority of their shifts during afternoon and evening hours to assist or supplement the on duty shift during peak times with high call volumes.
  • Expected to conduct problem solving policing efforts through conventional and unconventional means.  This includes but is not limited to foot patrols, bicycle patrols, covert surveillance, and high visibility directed patrols.
  • Responsible for the general public safety during the peak times of business for the bar/entertainment area in downtown Greenville.
  • Conducts all bouncers that work in nightclubs or bars in accordance with ordinances of the City of Greenville.
  • Expected to attend community meetings and give presentations on public safety issues on an as needed basis.

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